IN the current situation, our surroundings are busted with two deadly viruses the false news virus and the corona itself, and you can never tell which one is more harmful.

With the disease and its effects getting worse with every passing day, health care professionals and governments have to deal with a lot of, misconceptions, in addition to shortage and loopholes in the health care system.

Let’s break the code of some of the most heard myths and dig down to know how far they are true.Starting with the most common myth worldwide.

Its just a flu.

False. It’s not just the generic flu, the flu people have been getting shots of anti-viral were “just flu” because we have the definite medicine and the virus seemed to be responding to it almost every time. but this time the virus came with all the modifications that are rejecting the long used antiviral I.e. oseltamivir making it worse than “just the flu”.

It only effects children upto 5 years or older more than 65 years.

False.the recent data clearly shows that this virus is not obeying any race, color, age boundaries. Yes, people with chronic diseases i.e. asthma, cold, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. or autoimmune diseases or smokers develop a more severe illness like there are more chances of people with any pre-existing medical condition to end up in I.C.U. on ventilators and otherwise healthy people to get better without any medications,But its nearly impossible even for the healthy 18 years old to get better without religiously obeying the self-isolation,cleanliness rules as defined by W.H.O.. Otherwise , we are not short of cases of young otherwise healthy individuals dying at 15,18,20,32,42 years age of this virus. So, prevention is the only vaccine.

Vaccine will be made soon,as the world is working hard on it.

False. There is no doubt that the world most renown scientists are working day and night ,and a lot of money being spend to find the cure ,but that’s not a simple process it includes many phases and may take upto 1 year or more to officially announce a drug as a vaccine or cure of this virus .lets apprehend it from a simple example,in Philippine when dengue outbreak was faced the government directed health care provider to make a vaccine immediately and gave a booster dose to all, and because of lack of time the drug was not tested on children later on it results in 800 deaths of children. Hence, a well-tested vaccine is required not just something to be made in laboratory and made available at first hand to people it may cause more harm then favor, especially for a virus which is mutated really fast.

Hydoxycholoroquine combined with azithromycin can cure covid ,so we should take it prophylactically?

Partly true. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, but preliminary research in human suggests that the drugs could effectively treat COVID-19.and also there are some proven cases in which HCQ combined with antibiotic (azithromycin) can help. Basically the spikes on the virus attached to ace receptors on cell membrane and thus enters the cells where through lysosomal activity can use cells machinery to regenerate themselves so what HCQ does is it inhibits the lysosomal activity thus stopping the process.

For antibiotic they work quite simple they don’t allow the spike protein to bind with the ace-2 receptors and thus the virus cant enter.

But, both of these drugs when used in combination can result in prolonged qt-interval that can make heart beat abnormal leading to arrythmias or even death. For example, people who have any cardiac disease and are using digitoxin or those women taking timoxen for breast cancer in both of them this combination therapy can have worse effects. So, it is advised to not use it on ur own use it under your doctor supervision in hospital and get an ecg after 2 hours of first dose to see if any ecg changes present.

Cloth masks are of no use ? is as simple as the rule of having something is better than nothing. As cloth masks mostly made of cotton can actually stop droplets upto some extent so they are help ful to safe you from those who are sneezing or coughing.but ,yes if you are a confirmed case its better to use surgical mask.but definitely that’s a bad idea here.

We cant do anything about it? definitely can flatten the curve by staying home ,restricting contact ,washing hands every 2hours for straight 20 sec , not touching your face with dirty hands ,coughing and sneezing in your elbow ,self-isolating yourself for 14 days if you have any symptoms as described.